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Meet the artist Andisoon

How did you start your career as a makeup artist?

Since when I was young, I always have my heart for fashion but when I grew up I found out that I have  been wasting my time doing thing that totally just not me. Luckily, I have finally found what I love to do; so I restarted my makeup lesson by the age of 25 and thanks to my friend, I got the first opportunity to work in fashion industry.  


What is the major obstacle of being a Makeup Artist?

For me, I think to discover yourself and to know your style is really hard but to keep yourself in your own style and not easily got distracted is even harder.


What do you like most from being a makeup artist?

To see my work featured in any media


Where normally your inspirations are from?

Mostly, I got my inspiration from runway and sometime from some art pieces and architecture 


What makes you decided to work with PAPONK?

PAPONK  is an interesting brand, it has full of energy and has its own unique personality in a creative way of style


What PAPONK product is your favorite?

Well, I like the foundation powder, lip crayon, eyeliner and eyeshadow. If you are asking me what I like most, I would say Paponk First Palette Eyeshadow is my favorite because the color is really intense and I could use it alone without using pencil or primer as the base. Most importantly, when apply the color onto the skin, I got the same color as is visible to me in the palette.


What is your opinion towards our brand  

In terms of products, I think PAPONK has all the products that answer all kind of skin and gender and the products are applicable in many ways. The packaging is absolutely stunning with the price that goes along with the quality. The brand itself is fun, flexible and embraces any kind of personality and character with the indefinite beauty definition.     


In this season, PAPONK has teamed up with the leading artists to create the look  for our first high fashion beauty collection under the theme " Attitude roars Paponk" led by Alongkorn Soontornpoj, or "Andisoon" as known widely in fashion industry.


Andisoon is a Thai makeup artist whose works were featured in several top high fashion magazines such as Vogue Italy, Fault UK, Black Australia, Karen Australia, No New Zealand, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Thailand and Lips.



At PAPONK, we believe everything we do is a piece of art, and the art piece we've created is meaningful; we want people to feel it. As well as Andisoon's , he always add some little trace in his work to get people dive in his imagination. As a consequence, we decided to go with  Andisoon and his crew to create the look for PAPONK's first fashion collection "Attitude roars Papok"  to emphasize the brand's standpoint.


Alongkorn Soontornpoj









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