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PAPONK Makeup is established in year 2014 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand; the city of arts, cultural, creativity& inspiration. At PAPONK, we have painstakingly developed every single detail on our brand, to ensure that we provide not only the best in quality cosmetics can offer, but also the formation of a powerful, high impact brand. PAPONK intends to play a part in encouraging self-esteem&appreciation in today’s young-adult audience.


As part of the PAPONK brand DNA, we promised " We do not launch new products if we have not yet found the best and we will never settle for 2nd best" we will always bear this in mind. PROMISE. 


The Idea of “Paponk”, the street rock style makeup came from “Papa” and “Maman” in French which means “Father" and "Mother”; as we believe in distinctive beauty of individuals that shone through the DNA, derived from our parents. Unlike other makeup brands, PAPONK seeks to focus on developing individual self-confidence by encouraging one’s self to enjoy life, seek fun and happiness and appreciate the beauty of their own complexion.

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