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The inspiration of this look came from the beauty of robot in Andisoon's imagination. This art piece is created in futuristic style. The highlight of this look is at the clear glowing skin with the intense lip color



This look is inspired by a French Mademoiselle in Rococo arts style. The highlight of this look is at the matte clear skin with thick eyebrow. Andisoon get his work signed by dapping the powder on the model's forehead and leave it like that to let the viewer guess the story behind this look.   

Floral Feast 


This look is inspired by the color of flowers. Andisoon uses flashy eye colors to express the feeling of the blooming flower and uses Paponk lip colors to create 3D lips to compliment the whole look.

Party Queen


Temptation look that hides something to be discovered in a smart and confident lady. The point of this look is at smoky eyes with liner and finish the look with soft lustrous sexy lips 

Eternal Beauty


Andisoon expresses the meaning "Eternal" through his inspiration, "Cleopatra". The key of this look is at the sharp killing eyes using eyeliner and golden eyeshadow that refers to the golden age of Cleopatra.  


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